CEAMaS (Civil Engineering Applications for Marine Sediments) Closing event : 17th of September, Brussels

Cd2e and its partners are pleased to invite you to the closing event of the CEAMaS European Programme on the 17th of September 2015.

CEAMaS is an Interreg IVB North-West Europe project to provide a transnational 360° vision on marine sediment reuse in civil engineering applications:
Technical, Social, Economic and Global environmental impact issues...

On the 17th of September, you will discover all the results and applications of this multi-partner and innovative project !


9.30-10.00 > Welcome

10.00 - 10.40 > Introduction to CEAMaS project – a global vision through multi-criteria decision tools and studies.
Round table with CEAMaS partners.
Thematic presentation and roundtables sessions to discover the CEAMaS outcomes

10.40 – 11.35 > Thematic 1 : Social issues

European stakeholder's point of view analysis
Overview of differences in European legislation
GIS as a multi-criteria decision support tool

11.50 – 12.45 > Thematic 2 : Technical issues and legislation for reuse

Bibliographic tool
Reuse options identification
Sediment characterisation techniques for reuse

12.45 – 13.45 >> LUNCH

13.45 – 14.40 > Thematic 3 : Economic issues

European stakeholder's point of view
Global Economic Modelling for reuse options
On site characterisation for optimised dredging and sediments reuse: technical investigations and consequences on the cost for reuse options

14.40 – 15.35 > Thematic 4 : Environmental issues

WebGIS, a tool for spatial data-information dissemination at a European level
LCA, study for reuse options, global environmental impact evaluation
Sediment characterisation methods for potential ecotoxicity

15.35 – 16.00 > Conclusion : how to share, how to continue?

CEAMaS web site and content
Towards a European Resource Centre ?

16.00 – 17.00 >> Drinks

Informations :
Please register online before the 9th of September 2015 : http://www.cd2e.com/registration-ceamas-closing-event-17sept2015
Free of charge but registration required
For any question, please contact : t.debuigne@cd2e.com
Adress: Boulevard Poincaré 79, BBRI Offices, BRUSSELS (see the MAP)