Physico-mechanical characterization of a raw sediment and treated with lime

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European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Vol 15, n°2, pages 239-267
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In a context of sustainable development, the management of sediment depends on their potential to induce pollution. The old management techniques used as immersion in the sea by overfflow, dumping or storage is restricted due to regulation which is increasingly rigid in terms of environmental protection. The new trend of all actors in the field of sediment management is moving ineluctably towards an alternative solution as the valorisation of the sediments as. Any valorisation requires a stage of characterisation in order to enhance the knowledge about the material: its various components, its potential to induce pollution and its mechanical behaviour. Our work consists, on the one hand, in carrying out a comparative study of mechanical and physical behaviours, between polluted and unpolluted sediment and on the other hand, to underline the evolution of the behaviour of polluted sediment following a lime treatment. The sediment in question is considered as a raw material as it has not been subject to any process of pre-treatment

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